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Information about Ticks

Ticks and Animal Health
Ticks from the National Park service
Tick Research Lab from the University of Rhode Island
Controlling Ticks from the University of Nebraska
Dirty Secrets of Bloodthirsty Ticks (New York Times 7/11/00)
Iowa Mail-In Deer Tick Survey

Tick Images
Tick Images and Movies from Iowa State University
Black-legged Tick from Ohio State University
Deer Tick Home Page from Iowa State University
Lone Star Tick from Iowa Insect Information Notes
American Dog Tick from Iowa Insect Information Notes

If you are interested in testing a tick for Lyme disease you can send it to IGENEX. Place it in a sealable container with a moistened cotton swab and send it to IGeneX, 797 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, CA 93403 with a check for $49.00. They will mail you the results.