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Other Tick Borne Diseases

Other tick borne diseases (Doherty 2000)
Tick-borne disease kills 3-year-old in Cass (Kalamazoo Gazette 7/13/00)
Lesser-known cousins to Lyme grab attention (NJ Star Ledger 6/20/00)
'U' researchers unlock secret of deadly new tick disease (Star Tribune 6/2/00)
The Emergence of Another Tickborne Infection in the 12-Town Area around Lyme, Connecticut: Human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis (J Infect Dis 4/4/00)
Clinical and Epidemiological Features of Early Lyme Disease and Human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis in Wisconsin (Belongia et al. 1999)
A Cluster of Transfusion-Associated Babesiosis Cases Traced to a Single Asymptomatic Donor (JAMA 3/10/99)
Three cases of babesiosis reported in central New Jersey (Infectious Disease News 8/99)
Tick-borne illnesses under-recognized in Midwest (Infectious Disease News 8/99)
The Human Ehrlichioses in the United States (CDC 1999)
Persistent parasitemia after acute babesiosis (N Engl J Med 7/98)