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Warning was dropped on Lyme vaccination (NJ Star Ledger 6/14/00)
3 Suits Say Lyme Vaccine Caused Severe Arthritis (New York Times 6/13/00)
Ads for Lyme disease vaccine miss some key points, experts say (Star Tribune 6/2/00)
Vaccine Victims? The Controversy Surrounding SmithKline Beechamís LYMErix (ABC News 5/17/00)
Lyme Vaccine Recommendations Unchanged; More Lawsuits Likely (Clin Infect Dis 5/4/00)
The Lyme disease vaccine (CDC 1999)
Lyme Vaccine Is Approved, With Caveat (NY Times 12/22/98)
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Vaccination against Lyme Disease... (NEJM 7/23/98)
Advisory Panel Cautiously Recommends Approval of Vaccine Against Lyme Disease (NY Times 5/27/98)

Ultrathon insect repellant
Rynoskin tick protective clothing
Guinea Fowl Peck Away at Lyme Disease Ticks (NY Times 7/27/99)