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Lyme Disease In The News

Lyme disease and the learning curve (Foster's Daily Democrat 7/9/00)
Lyme disease (Raleigh News and Observer 6/22/00)
Warning was dropped on Lyme vaccination (NJ Star Ledger 6/14/00)
3 Suits Say Lyme Vaccine Caused Severe Arthritis (New York Times 6/13/00)
Editorial: How human actions raise the risk of Lyme disease (Star Tribune 6/8/00)
Dissenting Docs: Medical Community at Odds Over Lyme Disease (ABCNews 6/4/00)
Ads for Lyme disease vaccine miss some key points, experts say (Star Tribune 6/2/00)
Ticks will be plentiful in Missouri, Kansas this summer (KC Star 5/27/00)
Questioning long-term Lyme cases (New York Times 5/23/00) Health Forum
Lyme disease part II: how to protect yourself. (NBC10 5/21/00)
Lyme disease: A medical crisis? (NBC10 5/20/00)
Vaccine Victims? The Controversy Surrounding SmithKline Beechamís LYMErix (ABC News 5/17/00)
The bad news about Lyme disease (HealthSCOUT 5/16/00)
Lyme disease still difficult to find, treat (Post-Gazette 5/14/00)
Lyme's cause is certain; not so its diagnosis, care (Toledo Blade 5/12/00)
Lyme disease victims seek aid in D.C. (New Haven Register 5/4/00)
Lyme disease tracking indicates increased case numbers ( 4/28/00)
New bugs of summer bring exotic infections (USA Today 4/13/00)
Advocates for improved treatments vow to succeed on the political front (Gettysburg Times 4/10/00)
State Officials Urge Turkey Hunters To Be Wary of Ticks (TPW 3/27/00)
Precautions Outdoors Help Avoid Ticks and Diseases They Carry (TDH 3/27/00)
13th International Conference on Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Disorders (3/25-26/00)
Status of Borrelia burgdorferi Infection after Antibiotic Treatment and the Effects of Corticosteroids (J Infect Dis 3/20/00)
Senate Meets at State Capitol to Address Lyme Disease Issues (Texas Senate News 3/16/00) minutes
PA Lawmakers tout bill on Lyme disease ( 3/14/00)
Germ Warfare (New York Magazine 2/28/00)
LYME-PAC Requests Public Hearings (PRNewswire 2/21/00)
Lyme disease takes wing (HealthSCOUT 2/17/00)
An evasive bacteria may cause fatigue "syndromes" (New York Times 2/4/00)
Lyme: No Agreement (East Hamptom Star 1/6/00)

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