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Lyme Disease Information

Lyme disease (CDC 1999)
Reported cases of Lyme disease (CDC 1999)
Lyme disease vector distribution (CDC 1996)
OSHA Hazard Information Bulletin and Fact Sheet (OSHA 2000)
WHO infectious disease outbreaks (WHO 1999)

The new Lyme disease (Burrascano 1998)
Advanced topics in Lyme disease (Burrascano 2000)
Lyme disease testing
What is a Herxheimer Reaction? (Herrell 1997)
Alternative Therapies in Lyme disease
Doctor Burrascano's Home Page (Burrascano 1999)
Lyme disease misdiagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis (Doherty 1999)
Frequently asked questions version 1.0 ( 2000)
Lots of Links on Lyme Disease (Doherty 2000)